Residential moving

Residential Moving

MOVEUS is a professional house mover in Nashville. We strive to provide high quality moving service, at a fraction of the price of our competitors. We provide different sort of moving services such as house moving, office moving, packing services, industrial moving and etc.

We have earned a good name for ourselves over the years and the confidence and love given to us by our customers put us as one of the top movers in Tennessee.

Come to us if you need help to move your house or office. We understand it is not easy, especially if it’s your first move. Many of our customers are satisfied with our house moving service and we’re quite sure you will be too. Call us now at 615-751-5739 and get your FREE QUOTE.

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We’re especially proud of our wonderful customer service. Moving your items to a new home can be a daunting task. However, it doesn’t have to be that way if you know a couple of tips and tricks. These can help you save some time, energy, and relieve you of frustration. As one of the house movers in Tennessee with decades of experience, we know plenty when it comes to moving.

Contact Your House Mover and Set Up an Appointment

When looking for a house mover, never trust a company that agrees to a certain price before they consult with you. Every professional moving company sends an employee to your home to evaluate the scope of the job before calculating the total price. Your personal belongings are of high value, so you shouldn’t trust unprofessional staff to handle them.

Some moving companies will offer a fixed price before even coming to your home. This is another red flag. Every respected house mover will first consult with you, take a look at your belongings and where they need to be transported, and then give you their price. Besides, companies that are based on calls or Internet chats are usually outsourced who are rushing to close a deal and leave their teams to work things out. This can transform moving to a new home into a horrible experience.

On the other hand, these amateur movers do every job with one mission and that is- Fit whatever you have into whatever bags they have brought! So always look for the credential of the company.

Save Money by Packing the Boxes by Yourself

As you can imagine, having a moving company to pack your belonging into boxes is a premium-priced service. You can save some money by doing this yourself. Every reputable house mover is ready to negotiate if they don’t need to pack your belongings.

However, this can be a good idea if you don’t have the time to handle this job. If you’re in a rush to move, or if you simply have too many items – a house mover can be of great help. Still, make sure to ask if your belonging will be safely packaged, which includes soft pads and wraps.

Here’s one additional tip: Don’t forget to label your boxes as per category and mention what they contain. Make sure to pack one box that contains some food, plates, and utensils. That’s how you can avoid ordering take out the first night you arrive.

Find a Shortest Route and Make Fewer Trips

The majority of house movers in Tennessee charge per hour, while some of them charge per trip. In other words, the fewer number of trips it takes back and forth, the lower your moving is going to cost.

If a moving company is charging per hour, you can find a short route to your home on a map. This can help your movers spend less time transporting your items, which equals to less money you’ll need to pay. If your mover is charging per trip, make sure to know how many trips it’s going to take to move your stuff. They will probably suggest one additional trip for their financial safety, but you can continue to negotiate.

You can also contact two or three movers and ask for their estimations. That’s how you can find out how to find the best one.

Create an Inventory of Your Belongings

Even though it takes time to make a list of your items or boxes (if you plan on packing by yourself), this is always a wise idea. By providing a list, you benefit in two different ways. First, you’ll know exactly where your items are – so nothing gets misplaced, broken, or forgotten. Besides, this is how you can stop your mover from adding items to your bill. Since everything will be mentioned in writing, a good house mover will oblige to take it and work accordingly.

Added value for house moving services:
  • Free Carton Boxes and Tapes
  • Packing and unpacking;
  • Dismantling and Assembling of general furniture
  • Labeling of goods;
  • Loading and unloading;
  • Highest quality packing materials;
  • Professional and friendly team of experts;
  • Well-maintained vehicles for smooth transportation.
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Welcome to MOVEUS!

MOVEUS offers a high level of house moving services, with decades of experience under our belt. We take pride in our well-trained and experienced team of professionals who take ultimate care of your goods and belongings. You can count on us to pack your belongings, safely transport them to your new home or apartment, and get rid of the items you mark as waste. In addition, you should know that we take special care of more valuable items. Collectibles and other delicate items are custom packaged to ensure they don’t get damaged on the way.

Decades of experience and thousands of satisfied customers make us one of the best house movers in Tennessee! Feel free to contact us at 615-751-5739 for additional information.