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Free Consultancy offered by MOVEUS on Step by Step Business moving Plan. Reach us at 615-751-5739 and get started!

It’s often said that “A GOOD START IS HALF THE JOB DONE”. Similarly, we make sure that everything is done right from the start. We PLAN and then MOVE. We start your journey after taking you in full confidence on the moving plan and finish according to plan so you get back to your business as soon as possible.

MOVEUS is a moving company based in Nashville. Our team of house movers and office movers have an experience of more than 10 years in the moving industry in Tennessee. We provide commercial move, residential move and industrial move that encompasses reliability, affordability and efficiency to ensure that your moving experience is a hassle free one.

MOVEUS make an effort to listen to our clients and understand what they want for each move to ensure high service level. Our movers are professionally trained and we stress very much on the punctuality of our delivery schedules without neglecting the careful handling of your property.

We are the key solutions to your needs and we trust that you will be pleased with our moving services whenever and wherever you may require our moving help.

Why Move Us

What really happens during the Business Move?

On the actual day itself, from our experience, we know that files, computers, records and other important information (that used to be easily readily available), are no longer available or reachable. Our experienced office movers will help you to plan and schedule your move such that the entire moving process will be seamless. We strive to ensure that minimum disruption to your business is achieved.

The entire office moving experience requires business mover’s personnel with careful planning, as well as intricate knowledge so that the office move will not be a hindrance to your business. Call us today at 615-751-5739 to find out more!

Office moving services includes packing, loading, unloading, transporting and redesigning/re-arranging your office and all of these are possible with the help of our professionally trained staff that are experts in moving your business. MOVEUS can carry out all sizes, weights and level of fragility of all items found in your office. Including:

  • Steel Cabinets and Safes
  • Office Furniture
  • IT Equipment’s (computers, laptops’, telephone, printers, photocopiers, fax machines and scanners)
  • Records and Documents
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  • Shifting of computers
  • Delicate and expensive pieces of equipment
  • Machines of different sizes
  • Books, files and documents
  • Office furniture
  • Miscellaneous items

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          • Personalized storage space
          • Space share storage rental
          • Warehouse functional activity




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      • Clearing away old furniture in place of new
      • Removing junk from hoarders
      • Getting rid of infested furniture
      • Clearing away all the unwanted items before relocation


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  • All the goods are constantly monitored throughout the service and ensured they are in the right state at all levels
  • All our personnel are highly experienced and can handle all the operation in the most efficient way
  • All the vehicles that are to be used in the freight forwarding service are maintained in grade 1 condition.

Why engage a professional moving company instead of moving on your own?
  • We are professionally trained and are able to take special care when moving your belongings. We know how and what to start with.
  • We will provide free new boxes for you to put your belonging. This will save the trouble of taking unwanted old boxes from a local store.
  • We have trucks to move your big items and save the number of trips and petrol to be cost efficient.
  • There is a very common problem during moving “I have lost my stuff while moving my house” With professionally trained movers, we have a systematic way of “First in first out method” to move your belonging. In this way we will minimize the chances of misplacing things. We also have professional consultant to advise how you should sort and pack your staff.
  • Unorganized moving exercise can be a very stressful and unpleasant experience. For most of the busy Americans, there are other more important things that require your precious time and attention than moving on your own. So just leave it to us. We will help you to do the entire heavy at ease. This is to avoid unnecessary mental and physical stress on your side.